Network Security – Firewall

There are plenty of information on the internet and countless hackers on a daily basis that penetrate and exploit these data. Not only large organizations are at risk, small organizations and general users are also at risk. Most of large organizations have strong protection. However, hacker can easily hack small organization’ or a user’ data; you can use a firewall to create a wall to protect your computer system from danger on the internet.

What are the advantages of using Firewall and how can it protect a computer system?

When we set up a Firewall system in a computer, it is as if a wall is built for the computer leaving a door as an access for data from other networks to pass through. There will be a Security unit guarding and inspecting to make sure that the connections are according to the rules.

Firewall will filter the data as to the information source, destination, and what does this Service / Port. It is then compared with the rules set by the user, administrator. If the requirements are not met, insecure, at risk of damage to the system, firewall will not let the information enter the computer.

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Product – Firewall

  • Fortigate
  • Juniper
  • Paloalto
  • Sonicwall
  • Zyxel
  • Cisco